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The Solomon Health Declaration Card is an advanced electronic medical statement, which is accessible to any medical center or hospital. Patients with certain special health conditions can make an application for an exclusion from the application by completing an online application. Software applications can be downloaded in the Solomon site or on the phone. It takes approximately sixty minutes to fill out the form and provide all the essential information requested on it.

Program applications allow present patients, their family and their doctors to get the digital database which contains medical advice. The program includes detailed information about a patient's past and present medical problems and remedies in addition to their doctors' contact info. Many doctors also have access to special characteristics that allow them to order lab tests or request specific testing. Many experts also have the choice to ask patients if they want to have a technical tour of their home.

Patients have to declare any special diet, medication, exercise program or background of an eating disorder at the time of the initial appointment with a practitioner. This information is taken down and logged by the nurse, and the physician may make a notice of the special condition on the declaration. Particular conditions include allergies to latex, sepsis (severe bloodstream infection) or other life threatening diseases. Anybody who has had surgery over the last ten years is also required to fill out the declaration. This is very important to make sure the safety of the individual throughout their recovery.

Anybody who completes the Solomon Health Declaration Card can also look up a physician's background using the physician locator tool. This includes all physicians who were trained and accredited by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). It's essential for physicians and patients alike to become updated on their physicians' background so that they can be aware of any pre-existing conditions which could pose a threat whilst treating a specific condition. Additionally, this list is also used when evaluating doctors to see which ones are on the patients"watch list", which can be physicians considered high risk to a certain condition.

Doctors who undergo the ABMS certification process are given a seal of approval from the ABMS to prove that their specialization has been accepted by an outside agency. This is also proof that the particular physician has received specialized training and is competent in their area. Any patients who visit a Solomon doctor and are interested in utilizing their services will have to finish the Solomon Health Declaration Card along with the Solomon Health Insurance Declaration. Both of these files are required to be provided with at the time of the visit.

This process has been designed for physicians to provide the very best care for their patients. But, it is inadequate for a doctor to simply receive certificate. They need to commit to continuing education and training in order to maintain their clinic legitimate. Along with being siphoned from the ABMS, all doctors must pay a fee to be considered"board certified". To be able to become board certified, doctors need to successfully pass the Physicians Credentialing Examination and the National Board of Medical Examiners examinations. As soon as they have passed these two important exams, they can call themselves"board certified" and benefit from the valuable and recognition referrals that come from these prestigious medical specialties like Solomon.



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